Request a neighbor, coworker, or family members member “Who is Jesus Christ?” and you could be challenging-pressed to find a clear and proper response. There is considerably confusion in modern tradition concerning Christ – who He is and the mother nature of His character. The early church was also perplexed, and the guide of Colossians was created by the apostle Paul to help clarify that the real truth of Christ is vital to Christianity. If Christ is not the Savior of all mankind, our world is hopeless if Christ is the Savior of the globe, then we have to worship Him.

With this conviction of truth, Paul lays out just who Christ is in Colossians chapter 1. He does this, not so his visitors grow to be puffed up theologically, but so that their lives may possibly be reworked by being aware of Christ much more.

This part of Scripture teaches some basic traits of Christ:

He is Lord of Generation: In this passage Paul demonstrates Christ as the one who accomplished each redemption and development. Paul is speaking to his readers that Christ has greatest authority above everything. By His word, development came into becoming. Nevertheless He is the Term incarnate who bore the sins of the entire world. If this real truth does not direct us to awe and worship, then we do not genuinely grasp its magnitude!

who is jesus He is the Graphic of the Invisible God: In Christ, the invisible God is created visible. In regular Greek letters of Paul’s working day, writers typically concluded by enclosing an picture of by themselves this sort of as a seal, stamp of authority, or detailed description, which served to authenticate the authorship. Even though this analogy breaks down marginally, this is equivalent to Christ in relation to God. Nonetheless, not only is Christ the illustration of God, but He is also the precise manifestation of God. In other terms, Christ actually and exactly represents all of God’s character, and He truly manifests all of who God is as effectively (Hebrews one:1-three).

In Him All Things Keep With each other: Nothing that exists does so aside from Christ. This truth is derived from Christ’s relationship to the universe, specifically that He is Creator. If He ended up not Creator and God, then absolutely nothing would keep together. Because He is God and Creator, almost everything holds collectively at His command.
Paul makes the truth of Christ basic to the Colossians, leaving tiny place for confusion. The Bible obviously communicates who Christ is, and Christ clearly communicates who God is. For that reason, following looking through this passage in Colossians we are remaining with at the very least a few choice factors:

Will we accept the fact that Christ is Creator, or will we accept the untrue teachings of this entire world that seek to decrease His authority and His Term by creating man the final authority?

Will we accept the fact that Jesus Christ is completely God in His incarnation, or will we devalue His deity to that of a prophet or a very good instructor?

Will we take the reality that Christ holds all generation together, or will we also deny His sovereignty by means of fret, anxiety and the acceptance of “doomsday” philosophy?